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XML Data

We deliver data to dedicated media monitoring applications and analytical systems. Articles and posts from Newspoint's Internet monitoring, social media monitoring and traditional media monitoring can be accessed directly in the internal systems of our customers. Information that we supply is used by other media monitoring companies, interactive agencies, research companies and the largest companies which have their own measurement systems to monitor the effects of communication activities.
READABILITY. Get structured data automatically.
We automatically identify and catch the key elements of a complete HTML page (title, main article, url, name of the website) and set metadata (media type, language, category, spam filter, duplicate content) that are delivered in a readable format. We also grab content from sites that do not provide RSS feeds.
MATCHING. Select sources which you want to use.
The list of monitored sites is configured and completed on customer's request. The frequency of data refreshing from each domain is tailored to its dynamics and range.
QUALITY. We provide accurate data.
We are distinguished by the best data quality on the market. We achieve this thanks to our anti-spam solution and automatic language detection.
COVERAGE. Millions of international social media sources and websites. Thousands of newspapers, radio and TV stations.
We cover all relevant social media sources and websites from whole world. We monitor all languages with respect to their characteristics (varieties, etc.).
ONE API. Use a single API to import data from social media and websites.
You use one API to access the forums, blogs, websites, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and many other sources.
SAVINGS. Save money thanks to outsourcing.
Entrusting intensive and complicated Internet content collecting process to an external provider allows you to save costs associated with technology and focus on your main business.
FLEXIBILITY. The solution tailored to your needs.
Our solution is easy to deploy in any information environment. It smoothly integrates with corporate identity authentication solutions. It is scalable and open to cooperation with specialized systems on the client side.

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