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Complex communication services

In addition to media monitoring, we also offer a wide range of services related to planning, realizing and verification of the communication activities: from initial audit to constant monitoring and valuation of ongoing activities. It is possible thanks to the competence of our team and also wide network of external partners.
PR AND SOCIAL MEDIA AUDITS. Diagnose the situation before you start communicate online.
PR/social media audit is a useful tool when you plan to start PR activities or change current strategy. It will help you to look objectively at your communication.
COMMUNICATION STRATEGY. Plan your marketing, PR and social media activities.
Thanks to the plan which we will create for you, you will know what communication tools will be the most effective in reaching your target groups. After creating a social media strategy we will plan and introduce communication activities in your social media channels.
After creating a social media strategy we will plan and introduce communication activities in your social media channels.
MEDIA RELATIONS ACTIVITIES. Build friendly relationships with the journalists.
We will prepare for you a database of journalists, so you will have a chance to reach to their readers and be remembered by them.
E-SPOKESMAN. Talk to the internet users.
Know about what is happening in the net and answer to users comments.
RELATIONSHIPS WITH BLOGGERS. Cooperate with online opinion leaders.
We will prepare for you mapping of the blogosphere in a selected categories. It will allow you to get in touch with representatives of blogosphere and influencers.
CONTENT MARKETING. We will create valuable content for you.
Due to changes in search engine algorithms, it is increasingly important for web positioning to present interesting and valuable content. We will help you to prepare and distribute it.
PREVENTIVE MONITORING AND IMAGE CRISIS. Respond to the criticism and prevent crisis situations.
We will search for you internet comments which can cause crisis situations and we will recommend you an appropriate reaction. We will prepare research which analyzes the effects of the crisis for the brand reputation.
TRAININGS. Expand your knowledge about communication, PR and social media.
Take advantage of our training offer to enhance your skills.

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