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Internet and Social Media monitoring

Newspoint system is our proprietary solution for internet, social media and traditional media monitoring. We monitor websites, internet portals, blogs, forums, social media (e.g. Facebook), microblogs (e.g. Twitter) and other online platforms. We have the most accurate data and the widest coverage.
INTUITIVENESS. You can easy get the information you need
New Newspoint panel is lucid and readable and also intuitive to use. You can find all information about how to use its most important functions in our interactive tutorial.
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. You will quickly decide what to do with collected data.
You can download articles presented in the results list, to the different types of files (PDF, CSV) and share them with other persons via email notifications, which will also indicate a potentially critical content.
EXPANDED STATISTICS. This module will make it easier to create graphs for reports and presentations.
With the extended statistics modules, you will learn when and where it was written mostly on topics related to your brand. Find authors who most often write about you, as well as words that occur most frequently in the context of your brand name
INDICATORS OF BRAND CONDITION. You will learn the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
Thanks to our indicators like Share of Voice and Share of Discussion you will quickly get the basic parameters relating to associations with your brand. Automatic sentiment analysis allows you to easily identify current trends in the publications.

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