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Press and RTV monitoring

In addition to internet monitoring we provide services in the field of press, radio and television monitoring. This allows you to extend your internet monitoring for traditional media. Here are the details of our offer:
VARIOUS MEDIA, ONE PANEL. You can easily distinguish content from press, radio, television and internet.
All results in one panel and transparent system of descriptions, which makes it easy to distinguish articles from radio, television, press and internet sources.
CONVENIENT FORMATS. Text, jpg, mp3, wmv.
We present results in panel in the form of text files, graphic files (press monitoring) or audio/video files (radio and television monitoring).
CONVENIENT FORM OF PAYMENT FOR RTV MONITORING. You can pay for a single file or constant monitoring.
Depending on your needs, you can monitor selected records or carry out regular radio and television monitoring.
LEGAL MATERIALS. The press content which we deliver doesn’t violate publishers’ copyrights.
We have a signed contract with Repropol - the association which cares about the rights of publishers. Therefore, you can be sure that you don’t break the copyright law.

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