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Reports and analysis

In addition to media monitoring, Newspoint also provides analytical services – reports and analyzes of websites and social media content. Our reports can be enriched with data from traditional media, social media analytics, CAWI and other research methods, conducted in cooperation with our partners.
Marketing and PR
Check the current image of your brand or several brands. Compare with the competition. Identify opinion leaders and authors frequently writing about you.
Human Resources
Find out what is the image of your company as an employer. Compare with other companies in your industry.
Customer service
Check how internet users rate your customer service. Find out what kind of problems are reported most often.
Find out what is the interest of potential consumers in your product. Check which products get most recommendations.
Research and product development
Find out what is the online perception of your product. Collect tips to its improvement. Explore the strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of customers.

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